Digital Comics 3.5 (update): DC Comics Joins the Fray!

So it took them a damn long time but, according to various sources, DC Comics has finally announced and released a downloadable app for the Apple iPad that allows you to read comics.......... wait for it.......... the same day they are released in comic stores. The slumbering giant wakes. (This was one of two possibilities I threw out in the middle of the last entry of my article series on digital comics.)

This 'day-and-date' digital option is a BIG step, even if it doesn't sound like much. This is the step Marvel only made in a half-hearted way with their announcement of a trial day-and-date release for one comic with an increased price-point on the digital version. DC's app will also be available in a different form on the Sony Playstation and supposedly everything will be integrated so that once a comic is bought over the Playstation Network you'll be able to download the same comic for free over the comiXology app.

Keith Giffen and Aaron Lopresti's "Justice League: Generation Lost" mini-series will be the first series to be released simultaneously in stores and for download.

I'm curious to know Clare's reaction to this because she loves DC Comics and finds the iPad very attractive for reading comics (as do I, really) but LOVES her comic shop. I suspect that when her boss learns about this he is going to have proverbial kittens. DC's press release claims that an affiliate program for comic shops will be integrated with their digital effort so that it is "additive" to current ongoing business models. Only time will tell on that one.

Most importantly, according to this video: works like a digital comics reader should: page-by-page with a choice for panel-by-panel.

[via @Wildstorm via @gelatometti tweets via gelatometti blog via DC's The Source blog and (who posted the video I embedded above)]

~ @JonGorga

P.S. ~ It's pretty wonderful that the first day-and-date mainstream digital comics distribution program came out on a 'new comic-book' Wednesday...

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