"Casanova" is coming back. Twitter told me so.

Matt Fraction's super-brilliantly awesome creator-owned series is coming back!!

Josh posted about it on Facebook when the news broke a few weeks back....

"Josh Kopin
Full colored Casanova images FTW!
April 19 at 9:23pm via Tumblr · Comment · Like · View post

Jon Gorga Well, that's cool? I don't feel like it needs to be re-colored. I almost never feel like a comic needs to be re-colored.
April 20 at 1:43am

Josh Kopin There re-releasing it, via Icon, with new stuff to follow.
April 20 at 8:59am

Jon Gorga Well yes the new material part is very exciting!
But I liked "Casanova" in 16-page installments of two-tone color for $1.99. Well, I'll just have to get over it if I want to read the new stuff. What really bothers me is that it sounds like I'll have to buy at least a little of the old stuff, re-colored, to read the new colored stuff...
April 20 at 1:13pm

...but it wasn't real to me unil I saw Matt Fraction's recent update from his Twitter account (@mattfraction):

" proofing the lettering on the first new CASANOVA story in two years. the colors, the letters... i couldn't be more happy.#casanova

Well... I'd rather have new "Casanova" stories without having to buy re-colored old "Casanova" #1 and #2 combined.
But still.
Neither could I, Mr. Fraction. Neither could I.

~ @JonGorga

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