Gazing Into the Abyss of Steve Ditko

Last night (at precisely 7:35 PM) my Facebook profile stream read like this:

Jon attended YOE INTERVIEWS FAUX DITKO w/Faux Stan Lee. · Comment · Like

Jon Gorga I am watching two men pretend to be Steve Ditko and Stan Lee by holding little placards with drawn representations of the two men's faces in front of their own.

This is among the more surreal things I have ever seen wih my own two eyes!
Yesterday at 7:35pm

And it is true! Although what I didn't mention (because it hadn't happened yet) is that there was a wonderful and actually informative session after the scripted dialogue.

I think I shall write more about this event later because it was in fact the fourth in a grouping of events I attended over the last month (with one more tonight celebrating the return of the brilliant "DEMO" at Rocketship Comics in Brooklyn) and I think it would be best to have them in some vague kind of chronological order.

So look forward to a small series of
Jonathan Gorga's NYC Comic-Book Events of January And Early February!!


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