Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 1/27/2o1o!

Okay, I'm going to follow Josh's lead on these posts because something has to change for them to still have a point, don't they?

If Josh and I are both wrong and you really enjoy these posts as just simple lists let us know! Post a comment and let us know how wrong we are! But from here on in, I am going to name one book, the big book, the one book that I am most excited about and am most likely to buy (similar to what Josh is doing) and then I am going to write an update to the post in which I show you a picture of all the things I bought for the week, whether they're this week's books or not.

So my big book for this week is: "the Amazing Spider-Man" #619

I am finally catching up on this series and I'm getting a lot of great surprises along the way. I'm only three issues behind! This idea of throwing all of Spidey's old major villains from Kaine to Electro at him in a short period of time and calling it "The Gauntlet" is just spine-tingly good. Check back to see what I pick up!

UPDATE: 1/29/2o1o
So, still being short on cash (fingers crossed on a few job prospects), I'm limiting my purchasing again big time.

So I just got the aforementioned "Amazing Spider-Man" #619 and "New Avengers" #61, which I feel the need to point out looks to have almost nothing to do with "Siege". I seriously, seriously WANTED to pick up "Green Lantern" #50 because it looks like another big turning point in the "Blackest Night" event storyline. Sigh.

Back to "Siege", both "New Avengers" and "Dark Avengers" aren't so much tying into "Siege" as they are wrapping up their respective stories (I'd be surprised if the "Mighty" tie-in issues don't do the same). Which figures as all the Avengers titles are about to be canceled and we will finally have one single story in a comic titled "Avengers" which Josh posted about earlier this month and upon which there will be more to come soon.

However, if you really want to see a fleshing-out of the story in "Siege" #1, I'd recommend reading "Dark Wolverine" #82 and "Avengers: The Initiative" #32. So far, those two titles have actually showed us some more of the events leading up to the siege of Asgard. (And Josh and my respective thoughts about the current ongoing "Iron Man" story and the just completed "Thor" story being lead-ins to "Siege" turned out to be pretty much right on the button.)

We shall see what time and the Marvel executives have in store for the characters.


  1. I would find them much easier to do and have much more of a point if we only focus on one book.

  2. Lady and gentleman, I think that's a consensus!