Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 11/18/2oo9

I'm going to start including collections and graphic novels in these pull-lists because they're comics too dagnabit! You're just not going to see a review from me on one of them for SIX MONTHS. I'm slow.

The weeklies:

The usual Spideys!

"the Amazing Spider-Man" #612 (definitely)
I'm not too keen on any experimental re-envisioning of classic characters. So... apprehension is the word.

"Dark Reign: The List - Amazing Spider-Man" one-shot (definitely)
Dan Slott himself told me in person how excited he was to write this. I can't NOT buy it!

"Dr. Horrible" one-shot (probably)
I loved the web-video (or IPTV series) to which this is a prequel. Who doesn't right!?

"Cowboy Ninja Viking" #2 of 4 (probably)
This got pushed back. STILL haven't read issue #1...

"Drone" #1 of 4 (maybe)
This sounds smart and disturbing. A good combination.

"Tiny Titans" #22 (maybe)
Clare's editorial of last month made a big impression on me about this series.

The books:

"Pictures That Tick" (maybe)
I'm really fascinated by experimental comics, although I've rarely been able to handle a whole collection of them. I usually end up trying to take it slow to absorb each piece because they can and will be SO different. As a result... I never finish the damn things.

Strange week. We'll see...

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  1. Drone! I read an interview with the artist a little while back, probably on Comic Book Resources. It looks awesome. And since we already have robot planes and stuff, I can see these actually coming sooner than anyone thinks.

    - Danny