Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 11/11/2oo9

This week, new comic-book day is the day before my birfday! Huuray!

From the week's new books I'm...

Snapping up:
The usual...
"the Amazing Spider-Man" #611

"Comic Book Comics" #4
A continuing graphic ''text-book' history of the comic-book industry! I love stuff like this.

"Luke Cage: Noir" #4 of 4
I'm VERY much looking forward to this. See my two previous reviews of issues 2 and 3 to see why.

"Supergod" #1 of 5
I've bought Warren Ellis' past two superhero mini-series and the man is a genius.

"Cowboy Ninja Viking" #2 of 4
Well... considering that I just bought the first one and haven't read it I dunno.

"Blackbeard: The Legend of the Pyrate King" #2 of 3
Another one I haven't had the time to read the first issue of. Yeesh.

"The Ghoul" #1
Unfortunately, I really can't afford to pick this one up too... but it looks very cool! Who knows...

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