Gorga's Looking Forward to Wednesday 10/21/2oo9

Another blessedly light week. Although I have just been accepted for employment at one of NYC's most prestigious bakeries and hopefully that will work out for a few months and allow me to concentrate on this blog and my comic-writing!

I'm picking up:
"Ex Machina" #46
The final arc marches on.

"the Amazing Spider-Man" #609
The Clone Saga's spiritual return marches on equally.

The take-a-peeks:
"Cowboy Ninja Viking" #1
This was supposed to be out last week and got pushed back and I still want to see if it's as good as it sounds!
A damn slew of possible Spider-Man appearances.
"Dark Avengers" #10
"Mighty Avengers" #30
I am in love with the idea at play in the first two pages of the preview you can check out: here.
"Spider-Woman" #2
Spider-Man guest-stars... for real this time?

This just looks cool:
"Superman/Batman" #65
A Halloween special of sorts.

UPDATE: 10/21/2oo9
I love how easy it is to find the wonderful Jim Hanley's Universe comic-book store in Manhattan. You just go to 34th street and look for the Empire State Building because Jim Hanley's is right off its south side! For someone as green a New Yorker as I still am, that's awesome! I took this photo as I walked down 34th from the East side.

UPDATE: 10/22/2oo9
Me bookies! The new "Amazing" and new "Ex Machina". And with the low number of books this week, I picked up the "Punisher" Annual from a few weeks ago that I kept forgetting to pick up.

Spider-Man, as it turned out, did not appear as a guest in any of the three titles he could have been in, including the one he was solicited to be in!

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