Jon's Looking Forward to... Wednesday 9/23/2oo9

(The standard Spideys:)

"the Amazing Spider-Man" #606

"New Avengers" #57
Bendis has, as usual, left us with quite a cliffhanger from last issue. Spidey, the new Cap, Luke Cage and pals are temporarily without their powers and staring down an army of supervillains while Norman Osborn is dealing with a power-play from the relative unknown Dr. Jonas Harrow. Where in the hell is this going and is it going to be wrapped up in this issue like I think it is?

(In the take-a-peeks:)

"Dark X-Men: The Confession"
It looks emotionally brutal. I read Clare's copy of "Exodus" and I was impressed. Made me wish I had read the entire crossover.

"Ms. Marvel" #45
My curiosity will get the better of me it will. If you've read my review of issue #43, you know I'm not crazy about this book. Maybe the final part of "War of the Marvels" will convince me otherwise... Maybe Spidey will appear.

"Superman: Secret Origin" #1
Oo! Oo! Hunh! Geoff Johns! Gary Frank! The Origin of Superman! Cool!

(A cautionary tale:)

DC Comics Classics Library: "Batman: A Death in the Family" hardcover
This was one of the stories that made me a comic-book reader. If this collected edition is nice enough... I don't know. Might be tempting. But in light of my recent editorial about comics collections, well, I think you know how I feel about hardcover comics collections. So to that point: What the deuce is "A Lonely Place of Dying" and what is it doing in a collection titled "A Death in the Family"? I've got a bad feeling they're attempting to squeeze-in the creation of the third Robin to give a more up-beat ending to the death of the second Robin. That's TWO incomplete stories instead of ONE complete one. Nobody listens to me.

Yeah, quick research corroborates my theory. Sheesh!

Well, other than that hardcover, check back in a few days to see what I review!

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