Wednesday's New Things: Wait For It, Wait For It....

1. I've been waiting for Farel Dalrymple's The Wrenchies for what feels like forever. Dalrymple is one of those guys who is right on the line between commercial artist and indie one. My own introduction to him was in the pages of Prophet, a book that seemed to exclusively employ that kind of talent. The preview images I've seen, are striking, both purposeful and a little stilted, a combination that someone how adds up to wistful, despite the book's apparently heavy emphasis on post apocalyptic violence.

2. I saw this in my store last week, and almost bought it, although I think the official release is actually today. Knisley is a fabulous graphic memoirist and travelogueist, and her work is an amalgamation of comics, cartooning, and illustration. The overall effect is that its a comic book, but one outside of the normal conventions of the form. Notably absent here is the tyrannical panel; without it, Knisley is able to expand or contract her thoughts as she pleases, mixing words and pictures freely, bubbling off the former often but clearly demonstrating its freedom, too. It's exciting that she's so dedicated to taking us along for the ride. 

3. Another one I've been looking forward to for a while. Renee French's book seems to have consonances with The Wrenchies, given that both are set in wastelands, both feature children, and there's something perhaps unexpected about the attitude and poetry of both, given the subject matter. Baby Bjornstrand seems slower, though, more Maurice Sendak's childhood-as-terror-and-wonder than the WarriorsMuch of the book appears to be up on Study Group, already, but I think it might be the kind of work that builds better by turning pages rather than merely scrolling down. 

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