Coming Soon To A Spinner Rack Near You: Ba and Moon's Two Brothers

Twins Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon are two of the foremost members of a generation of Brazilian cartoonists that are getting regular or semi-regular work from comics companies in the United States. If they're not the most well known of the group, they're certainly close, having worked regularly with Matt Fraction on Casanova as well as seeing their own work, most notably the story collection De:Tales and the series Daytripper, released in English. They've apparently just finished work on a new project called Two Brothers, and they're celebrating in style:
We've began this tradition in 2005, when Fábio finished Smke and Guns. On the day he drew the last pages of the story, he came wearing a suit, as a way of remembering that day, making it special. He did it again in 2006 on the last day drawing The Alienist. Again in 2008, when he finished Casanova: GULA. Every new big story he finished, he'd have a suit day on the last day of the work. Our last suit day was July 19th, 2010, in London, when he drew the last page of Daytripper. 
Today is another memorable day, as we finished our new book, Two Brothers. Both of us dressed accordingly. It's a very special day.
That's a fabulous tradition; I hope they don't mind that I steal it for when I complete my own projects. Ba and Moon always do good work, and I'm looking forward to Two Brothers, whatever it is.

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