Long Live the King

Today would have been Jack Kirby's 97th birthday. There's a lot of cool stuff up, including this gallery from Comics Reporter, Phil Hester drawing 97 Kirby related pieces, this cool fanart feature from Comicsalliance, and this old TCJ interview that's been bumping around (via):

KIRBY: I don’t want to take somebody else’s beating. That makes me unhappy. So right now, I can tell you, I’m a happy man because whatever I’m doing, I do for myself and I do a little creating here and there for others, and they work out very well. I feel like an independent man, and I am. This is the kind of feeling I always wanted. You can rarely get that… Well, I could rarely get that in the early part of my life.
GROTH: I think most people can rarely get that. You have to fight for it.
Fight for it.  

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