Wednesday New Things: Incidentally, Comic Con Starts Tomorrow

This is mostly a collection of the work Emily Carroll has published online, with one story exclusive to the collection. Although that art is a little too loose and a bit too cute, this preview was spooky enough that it seems like its worth a shot. 

I was trade waiting this one, but I got caught up a few weeks ago, and the first arc was so good I don't think I can wait for the next trade. Preview here.

Although some of the stuff that Marvel is doing to make its books more diverse seems a little bit cynical (no matter what Tom Brevoort says, at some point Sam Wilson will stop being Captain America and Thor will go back to being a dude) the increasing number of solo books for characters like Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and now Storm, suggests that the publisher is at least slightly more than nominally interested in responding to criticism about representation in its products. The pedigree on this one is not quite as high as on some of those other books, but Greg Pak knows how to write a comic book and Victor Ibanez's is certainly a serviceable artist. 

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