Coming Soon To A Spinner Rack Near You: Men of Wrath

Jason Aaron is working with Ron Garney on Men of Wrath, a creator owned miniseries for Marvel's Icon imprint, due out in October. The announcement came exclusive via CBR, so rather than include the watermarked cover, here's a bit on the book's background, from Aaron:
I love westerns. I'm a big western fan. I just watched "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" again the other day for the 100th time. I'm especially a fan of all of Clint Eastwood's westerns from the Sergio Leone stuff through his own westerns and in particular "Unforgiven."  
I always like to think of "Unforgiven" as if Eastwood is playing the same guy he played in all these other movies, the Man With No Name, or Josey Wales, or whatever; everything has kind of led to this portrayal. Character wise that's a far more interesting guy; Once you get to the guy who's at the end of his life and has done all of this horrible stuff and is looking back over his life and wondering what was it for? What did I do? That's a fascinating character to dig into. 
I also love the cinema of the the 1970s back when you could have an action movie with an old man as the lead. You don't see too many of those any more. So it's a combination of those and I'm sort of fascinated by those kinds of characters.
Now Ira Wrath is a very different guy than Earl Tubbs. His motivations are very different. A lot of their problems both stem from family, but that's really a theme of a lot of stuff I've done over the years. Family was one of the main overarching themes of "Scalped." That's something I'm always interested in.
The original idea for "Men of Wrath" really started with my own family history. My great, great grandfather stabbed a guy to death in an argument over some sheep. That's the opening scene of "Men of Wrath." Then his son, my great grandfather, died of rabies. Those are kind of my country roots and they inspired the Rath family in this book 

The cycle of violence in the book starts with the same thing, a stabbing that may or may not be justified. There's questions about it. It's certainly not a cold blooded murder, but that starts something. From that, the ball begins rolling and kind of gets worse and worse with each successive generation until it culminates in the present day.

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