Coming Soon to a Spinner Rack Near You: GUSTAVO DUARTE

Marvel is releasing a series of 100th anniversary issues in July, each set 47 years in the future, or 2061, the year that will be Marvel's 100th anniversary. So, there's that. Publishing gimmicks aside, there is one bit of seriously excellent news coming out of these weird specials: Long and Shortbox of It! favorite Gustavo Duarte is drawing the Guardians of the Galaxy one. I think this represents Duarte's first work for a US publisher; part of what makes him so good is his economy of objects and lines, pulled from his work as a caricaturist, and I wonder if that'll make it through the editorial process. Duarte is so good, though, that I have to believe that he'll find some way to make it work. You can read about the other 2061 titles here

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