Wednesday's New Things: Young Avengers, Dan Clowes, Xtra Hawkeye

1. Although they're not writing a Wolverine comic, Gillen and McKelvie really are the best they are at what they do: Young Avengers #8 is the apex of what they've managed so far, a book that both does more than just tempt formal questions and that, with a hidden kiss and a cameo appearance from an old friend, does a whole bunch for the feels crowd; it's a crowd pleaser for sure. More on all of this soon, I hope. Plus, Noh-Varr grows a beard!

2. If you live in, or near, Chicago, have you made it to the Museum of Contemporary Art's Dan Clowes show yet? For a Clowes neophyte like me, it was a twofold revelation. This first was the work itself, which I know I should read, but somehow just never got around to; for this purpose, the Reader, put out by Fantagraphics, will be a big help. The second is in the inviting way that the exhibit is set up, which potentially, solves the weirdness of looking at sequential art as art on the gallery wall, or at least it does a little bit. More on that later, too, when I get a chance to go again early next month.

3. An extra Hawkeye issue, written by Fraction and drawn by Pulido? What could be bad?

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