Wednesday's New Things: Jason, Number Crunchers, Quantum and Woody

1. New from The Long and Shortbox of It's all time favorite Norwegian cartoonist, Jason, is a full length (!) detective story about a man who finds a lost cat, falls in love with its owner, and then finds that she, too, has become lost. New Jason is always, always, a welcome thing. Preview pages here

2. (UPDATE: Number Cruncher actually comes out next week. My bad!) Originally published in 2000 AD and now seeing repackaging and rerelease from newcomer Titan Comics is  supernatural heist book Number Cruncher from Si Spurrier and P.J. Holden. Spurrier is the author of the recent, and excellent, Six Gun Gorilla with Jeff Stokley as well as the ongoing X-Men Legacy and hysterical X-Club miniseries for Marvel. Holden's name is unfamiliar to me, but, after quickly looking over his portfolio page, I think I'll like his art, which is a little bit like Jeff Lemire's, but less impressionistic and with a much cleaner line. This will be an interesting book to watch, as it's one of the first releases from Titan Comics, an arm of the U.K. based Titan Books. It's always seemed to me that British properties, although obviously not British creators, have had trouble finding an audience in the United States. I've often wondered if this is in part because of the anthology format, which isn't very popular in this part of the world; if Number Cruncher, or any of the other Titan releases now published as stand alone comic books, finds a decent sized audience, that might begin to change. On the other hand, it may just mean that the talented Spurrier gets a shot on a higher profile Marvel or DC release.

3. Quantum and Woody is the newest of Valiant Entertainment's back catalog reboots. Although the only of these books that I'm reading regularly is Fred Van Lente's Archer and Armstrong, the preview pages on this one are convincing enough for me to give it a look, although mostly on the strength of Tom Fowler's clean expressive pencils and Jodie Bellaire's excellent color work. We'll see if the writing manages to catch up. 

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