Terry Dodson's Muses, and a Way Into Eurocomics

The second book in Terry Dodson and D-P Filippi's series Songes is now available in English, published by Humanoids under the title Muses. Books like this strike me as really important, particularly for a young American trying to find his way into Eurocomics, say, me. It's not like Herge or Jason are dead ends, but a release like Muses can be the beginning of a daisy chain in a way that books by one cartoonist can't; I'll pick it up because I know I like Dodson, and, if I like the writing, maybe I'll seek out some other stuff by Filippi and, hopefully, he may have collaborated with some other artist I'll end up liking and on and on. In theory, those variant covers that Milo Manara recently did for Marvel could function the same way-- I would be interested to know if they had. Anyway, if you're interested, Dodson recently shared some of his process for one of the 9.5 X 12.5 Muses pages, a piece of which is posted below. 

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