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Earlier today, David Aja tweeted links to three promo images for Brian K. Vaughn and Marcos Martin's mysterious new project. The first, courtesy of Zone Negativa, is below, and others were posted to Spanish outlets RTVE (also, at Comicsbeat in English) and Entrecomics (all of this via Comics Alliance).

With teasers like this, unlike, say, with the mostly meaningless monthly solicitations from big comics companies, it's sort of fun to play "guess what this is going to be." This one is particularly interesting-- is there some reason that two thirds of them are exclusively in Spanish, other than Marcos Martin is Spanish himself? Is the series set in Spain? And why the free font? Marcos is a helluva designer, so that choice is probably meaningful, somehow. And what's going on with the people in the subway car? There are a bunch of human-looking folk, including the only character facing us, (the main character?) but also what look to be two mummies, a medusa, on the left, and a Greedo looking dude on the right. Then there's the funny steampunk helmet being worn in the compartir image, and also the slightly sci-fi cityscape of the seguir one, all of which adds up to... a monster sci-fi steampunk story?

More helpful, perhaps, are the words themselves: "like" (literally "I like"), "share," and "follow," which all have ubiquitous social media implications. That being the case, it may be Martin screwing with us a little bit, "like" and then "share" the images on Facebook, "follow" them via whatever outlet you please. But its also possible that they're actual hints, that the plot of whatever monster sci-fi steampunk he and Vaughn have cooking is social media related in some way, and that could be very interesting indeed. Martin's work is always good, and Vaughn's work with Fiona Staples on Saga has been consistently great for a year now. Whatever it is they've got going together, and there's no telling what it is just yet, I'm very excited.

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