A New Field of Battle

The intrepid and versatile Jason Latour (@jasonlatour) has released preview pages on Flickr.com just yesterday for an upcoming comic with a remarkable battalion of talent around him!

Industry giant Mike Mignola (@artofmmignola) and his sometimes collaborator John Arcudi are writing the story and the inestimable Dave Stewart (@Dragonmnky) is coloring Latour's line-work:
Notice the sound effects! They're hand-drawn and the "eeeeeee" continues from the first panel to the second in a graphic way that's really fun and feels accurate. Notice the choices in relative panel sizes for presenting details, a scale of height, and then a scale of destruction. It works! It's awesome.

The comic's name is "Sledgehammer '44" and I choose to be excited about it because it looks like the best elements of "Atomic Robo" combined with the best elements of "Band of Brothers". WWII Sci-Fi fancifulness with a hint of gritty. To my knowledge, no publisher or release date has been attached to this project.

Now don't just click on this link and only read page one, it was page 4 that first made my eyeballs do that "Wolf and Red"-thing. Page 3 [excerpted above] is actually even more beautiful and displays awesome storytelling choices, while being slightly less dramatic. Read the whole preview.

Get excited.

~ @JonGorga

P.S. ~ If you're too young for "Wolf and Red", I think this will clear everything up.

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