Chatter: Chris Ware

I’ve said many times and I genuinely believe that there are more serious and good cartoonists working now than ever before, and I’m inspired that so many younger artists have created a world that’s so welcoming and unjudgmental; it’s really heartening. 
I also hope they realize the incredible advantage they’re operating within by not having to answer to any editors or producers or directors and that comics as a medium could ideally be the most visually honest and consciousness-plumbing medium out there, even more than film. Cartooning is profoundly personal, grueling, and potentially serious work, but there’s a very steep “learning curve” to the discipline and it can’t be rushed through, or tossed off. I’m most inspired by work that, as my friend Richard McGuire says, “takes chances and risks,” rather than tries to sell itself.

--Chris Ware, talking to Chris Mautner at THE COMICS JOURNAL. 
(Image via TCJ)

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