Burnham and Quitely

From the Department of Things You Can't Unsee Once You've Seen Them, comes something I'm sure everybody else realized months ago:

Chris Burnham's art (left) looks a lot like Frank Quitely's (right).

It's got that same sort of kinetic sketchiness, although Burnham's is firmer and less prone to random lines while Quitely's work moves better, so it's a nice way to tie the second phase of Morrison's Batman run together. I just wish they'd managed to coax Quietely out of the cover artist hole he's fallen down. His collaborations with Morrison are cackling, electric, his live art and Morrison's energetic scripting coming together for work that is an experience like reading animation, fantastic comics, in other words. That said, Burnham's work on Batman, Inc. has been excellent, and he's worked with Morrison on Batman longer than anyone has in years. For the first time in a long time, the book has a consistent aesthetic, which is a nice thing to see, particularly as Morrison's time on the series comes to a close. 

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