Quote for the Week 12/20/11

"... I have more of an emotional attachment for these characters than I thought possible. I don't know what else to say that hasn't been said hundreds of times before so I'll just say thank you. Thank you for revitalizing my love of reading. Thank you for making me see comics as valuable entertainment. Thank you for all the wonderful stories you've given me. And thank you for all the ones you still have to tell. ..."
~ "The Walking Dead" reader Jason Winchell writing in to his favorite comics' letter column Letter Hacks with gratitude for the work of writer Robert Kirkman, printed in the back of last week's "The Walking Dead" #92.

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  1. I know this is pretty old, but I just stumbled across it. I'm Jason Winchell. This was my favorite part of the letter. Finding this reminded me of the excitement I felt when I first read my letter in Letter Hacks. Thanks for making me your quote of the week way back when. I'm honored.