Words and Pictures with Cliff Chiang

At last weekend's New York Comic Con, I did some reporting for Bleeding Cool. They were kind enough to let me mirror some of the interviews that I did for them here at THE LONG AND SHORTBOX OF IT! This is Cliff Chiang, talking about his work on Wonder Woman, and it was originally posted to Bleeding Cool on 10/16/11

JK: I was wondering how you like drawing Wonder Woman?

CC: It’s great. We’ve been given a lot of creative freedom with it, to be able to take it in this direction has been a lot of fun.

JK: What are you guys doing with all that creative freedom?

CC: Well, we’re just trying to tell good stories in a way that people aren’t expecting from Wonder Woman. There’s a lot of preconceptions about what a Wonder Woman story is, and we’re trying to blast through that.

JK: is there a way that your Wonder Woman is different than the way she has been approached in the past?

CC: I think other people have also done this, but that there’s more eyes on it now. I think we’re trying to do a very straight forward Wonder Woman, that isn’t tied up in backstory, and just present her as a very straight forward warrior.

JK: Do you have anything other than Wonder Woman going on right now?

CC: No, Wonder Woman is taking up all my time.

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