Quote for the Week 5/26/11

For Spirou, it's obvious that I haven't much room to maneuver, because the fans are expecting to see some famous characters, and they want me to respect the 'mythology' of that long series -- I suppose it's like being the writer of Batman in the USA, for example. But in a way, it was a little bit the same with Jason: I love his incredible and unusual style, and I didn't want to change it totally... So even if I created the entire story and the characters of 'Isle of 100,000 Graves,' I also did kind of a 'forger-job,' trying to write as if I was Jason but also bringing my own private topics (death, childhood, etc...), which was a very exciting challenge.
- Fabien Vehlmann, interviewed by CBR, about working with Norwegian cartoonist extraordinaire and LongandShortboxOfIt favorite Jason on Isle of 100,000 Graves.

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