Quote For The Week 2/22/11

I tried to think about, "In all through these versions, what stayed the same?" Because something always stayed same. Every writer who does Superman has to make it seem like this is the new definitive Superman. So, even if there has been a lot of different versions, for me it was about finding the core of it. I found that in some of those '50s and 60s comics, what made them great was, just as I said, they were about real human emotions and real human stories, but played out in this huge scale of other planets and people from the future and relatives from other worlds and monsters and robots.

But really, it's about walking the dog and going out with a girl and messing things up. I think that's why maybe people think of "All Star Superman" as a bit more Silver Age in the sense of trying to do new, modern real human stories, but on the giant scale of Superman. That's the most interesting thing, is the "man." The best stories are just about this guy trying to make sense of stuff and the girl doesn't like him as much as he wishes she would. The bad guy hates him, but he likes the bad guy. That real, small human emotional stuff works great when you blow it up to cosmic proportions.

- Grant Morrison, who gets what makes the Big Blue Boy Scout work better than anyone else and who got him to work better than anyone else in recent memory.

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  1. This is a wonderful choice of quote, Josh - it just makes me smile to think that there's an influential writer at DC who gets Superman.