Quote for the Week 1/29/11

Stop telling me what's WRONG and point to me to what's RIGHT and you'll start to get somewhere. Don't make fun of what I do read, tell me what you read and why I should be reading it. I'm not talking about telling me to read creator owned books. I mean act like a real marketer and act as if I don't know the difference between creator owned and corporate and sell me on a book. Tell me why I would love the main character, or how the plot will blow my mind, or or or. You get the point. Sell me. It's that easy. Blog about it, tweet about it. Spread the word of the actual books we love not just the general "problem" that you may see...

As comic creators, we're lucky to have our fans, and in the day of instant social networking we have their ears on stand-by. So I'll put out the call for everyone who has a blog or twitter account. Spread the word on the books you read and enjoy that may not get the attention you think they deserve. It's not about dissing the books that get attention, its about propping up the ones that need more. Give links to Amazon, or your local shop that has it in stock.
- Skottie Young, who gets it just right.

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