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Once again, the Bard Comics Symposium has come and gone and for once I had almost nothing to do with it! How refreshing it was to sit back and enjoy the show after three years of presenting and two years of presenting AND c0-organizing past incarnations of the project!

Well, as I was your eyes and ears on the scene here's a transcription of my Facebook status-update-micro-blogging of the event exactly as it is on Facebook, with all comments and 'likings' as of April 10 intact combined with my Flickr photostream of the event!

It's long overdue! Enjoy!

Senia Hardwick '10 - "This Isn't the Wasteland: Fear Toxin and Its Implications"

Jon Gorga is at the Fifth Annual Bard Comics Symposium and it has just begun!! Senia Hardwick is talking about Fear Toxin!
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Ana Cerro
Ooh, reporting live from Symposium!
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Nicki France '11 - Dangerous Calligraphy: Chinese Calligraphy in American Comics

Jon Gorga sits patiently as Nicki France presents us a gorgeous slide of caligraphy now as she begins to talk about the ancient art as it's seen in the comics medium!
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Molly Ostertag '13 - "The New Medium"

Jon Gorga just walked around and looked at the comics work of Molly Ostertag and is now listening to her talk about her work!
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Josh Kopin '12 - Where is David Aja? Differing Artists as Narrative Device and the Comics Consumption Problem

Jon Gorga is excited to see Josh Kopin take the stage to talk about "The Immortal Iron Fist"!!
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Jon Gorga
Awww...! Josh referrenced my SP work in his presentation!! I am honored.
Sat at 4:41pm
K.J. Nolan
Jon, post a pic if you get a chance.
Sat at 5:15pm
Geoff Auerbach
Sat at 11:34pm
K.J. Nolan
@ Goeff -- and?
Yesterday at 11:19am

Clare Nolan '12 - Two Sides of A Coin: The Nature of the Uncanny in 'Batman: Long Halloween'
Jon Gorga is very proud to see Clare Nolan begin her presentation on the doubles and mirroring in "Batman: The Long Halloween"!!
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Jon Gorga Chris Claremont is at the podim and dropping wonderful knowledge on us.
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Devon Jones
Chris Claremont as in "the"? Oh my.
Sat at 7:53pm

Jon Gorga enjoyed attending the Fifth Annual Bard Comic Symposium! And he enjoyed sharing its play-by-play with you via Facebook!
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A couple spelnig mystakes here and there. Not too egregious. It was real time... at the time.

Also, my apologies for the poor quality of the photos, I was pretty far back in the auditorium and taking them on my iPhone! I didn't snap any of Mr. Claremont (@CClaremont, class of '72) as it just felt wrong to distract him at all as he shared old stories about Bard and living in New York City post-college in the 70s.

It was really pretty inspirational.

~ @JonGorga

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