Perhaps Grant Morrison Has Finally, Truly, Totally Lost His Mind...

...and no one noticed.

Go see the covers for "The Return of Bruce Wayne" here at

I saw them and said: "There's no way I'm looking at what I'm looking at."

This looks ridiculous.


  1. What's so ridiculous about it? Granted I have no clue how Bruce got a hold of a giant bat head to wear as a cave man, and the dreads pirate beard is a bit much, but I think is cowboy Batman and Bowler hat Batman are bitchin'.

    Time travel. It happens. It's an excuse to put Batman in all kinds of wacky situations Batman normally isn't involved in. Probably why it seems like fanfiction than a "legit" Batman comic, and why it may seem out of place, but I think it's an awesome concept.

    Random historical colonial Boston dude: You are a strange man dressed oddly and seem to have extensive knowledge of future events, and you have odd scientific gadgets to help you accomplish unbelievable feats! Who are you?
    Bruce: I'm the Batman. **Cue Doctor Who theme music** Excuse me, but I have a tea party to save from yet undisclosed time-meddling supervillian. **pulls out sonic grappling hook**

    Grant Morrison wrote Doctor Who comics before THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME

  2. "Time travel. It happens."

    That's wonderful.