From DC's Source blog, check out the cover to Batman and Robin #10.
Why is Frank Quitely so damn good at his job?


  1. I don't know, Josh.

    I feel like he loses me on the details. You were calling Salvador Larroca's art mushy (and it kinda is) but why don't you feel that way about Quitely?

    Look at Batman's forearm. Look at Batman's nose. Look at Damien's left foot. Those objects shouldn't 'squish' like that. I enjoy much of Quitely's work, but he's not my favorite.

  2. Aside from the nose (which is admittedly probably more square than it should be), I don't really see anything that you mentioned as "squashed." Unfortunately, I don't have any Lorroca art in front of me, but my memory was that, for instance, characters facial features seemed to move around on the physical geography of their faces a lot. Quietly, despite being one of the most kinetic artists in all of comics, never has that problem.