We all know what the best part of Thanksgiving is...

The Spider-Man balloon, of course! ;)

And the turkey, and the pie, and the weird family traditions. Hope everyone had a good turkey day!

Also, some exciting news for anyone in the New York area. St. Marks Comics is having another sale this weekend. Back issues are 50% off, new comics, trades and toys are 10% off, and statues and Star Wars toys are 30% off. So if you've got that issue that you've been meaning to get then do Black Friday comics style!

If you're not in New York then I highly suggest you check out your local comic book store this weekend! They may have a Black Friday sale going on as well. When everyone else is out buying HD TVs you could be scoring some sweet books! Less people to fight with too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you are all full of food!

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  1. The only thing I must add to this great post is that the St. Mark's Comics sale actually lasts all the way until Wednesday, the 2nd of December!

    Also important is that Jim Hanley's Universe is having a sale as well. Theirs is a 30% off across the board sale but only lasts until Sunday the 29th! So there are lots of fantastic deals to be found on comics in the New York City area right now!!

    My new job (fired from the comic-book store, quit the bakery, got picked up for seasonal work by a museum gift shop for those keeping score at home) pays so well that I have a LOT more money to spend on comics now!

    Bottom line? I am sitting on the stoop at St. Mark's Comics as I write this, after spending almost $100 on comics at Jim Hanley's and St. Mark's together, wearing my Green Lantern ring (which came with "Blackest Night" #5), and I'm a very happy man!